An Introduction to Microsoft Word

Learning Outcomes:  At the completion of this course, students will have a basic understanding of the principals of using a word processing document including navigating around the document, formatting the document, and working with text.

Pre-Requisites:   Basic keyboard, mouse and Windows skills required.



Getting Started:

▪ Using Menu Commands

▪ Using Keyboard Shortcuts

▪ Using The Toolbars

▪ Using The Shortcut Menus

▪ Using The Ruler And Status Bar

Creating A Document :

▪ Creating A Blank Document

▪ Typing Text

▪ Typing Numbers

▪ Inserting A Date

▪ Spelling And Grammar Checking

▪ Saving A New Document

▪ Creating A Document Based On A Template

Working With A Document:

▪ Navigating With The Keyboard

▪ Scrolling Through A Document

▪ Document Views

▪ Page Zooming

▪ Simple Editing

▪ Formatting Marks

▪ Saving And Closing A Document

▪ Printing A Document

Working With Text:

▪ Selecting Text Using Mouse

▪ Selecting Text Using Keyboard

▪ Insert And Overtype Modes

▪ Deleting Text

▪ Cutting And Pasting

▪ Copying And Pasting

▪  Find And Replace

▪  Using Undo

▪  Inserting Symbols

Formatting Text:

▪ Formatting Essentials

▪ Toolbar Formatting

▪  Quick Alignment

▪  Instant Bullets And Numbers

▪  Increase And Decrease Indent

▪ Quick Fonts

▪ Changing The Text Colour

▪  Using The Format Painter

▪ Paragraph And Line Spacing

Getting Help:

▪  The Help Task Pane

▪ Searching For General Help

▪ Searching For Specific Help

▪ Displaying / Using The Office Assistant

▪ Customising The Office Assistant

▪ Disabling The Office Assistant

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