“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Of course you can – if you have someone who wants to learn!

And what is the Seniors’ SPECIAL – subtract your age from any course cost (proof of 60 or over may be needed – if you look too young).
$330 – 65 years = $265. Also applies to discount specials and One on One training.
All courses are free if you are over 100.

We create a learning environment where anyone and everyone can be accommodated. We are a face to face training centre and all of our trainers know how and when to adjust their training programs to suitable individual and group needs, skills and learning styles.

At Computer Smart, our training techniques feature multi modal approaches – auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. You learn by doing – working on a computer, laptop or tablet.

At the end of the day, you will be skilled. There is no doubt.

Write your business plan or your memoirs by using MS Word. Present them using PowerPoint or Keynote. Manage the budget with MS Excel.

Make an investment in learning. It will pay off.

Our oldest client is 83 years. No problem in learning Excel at all.


training dates available for

– MS Project

– MS Visio

– Excel Level 3