An Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Learning Outcomes:  At the completion of this course, students will have a basic understanding of the principals of spreadsheeting including data entry, formatting and printing and a variety of simple formulas.

Pre-Requisites:   Basic keyboard, mouse and Windows skills required.



Spreadsheet Concepts:

▪ How Spreadsheets Work

▪ Spreadsheets Characteristics

▪ Spreadsheets Functionality

▪ The Appropriateness Of Spreadsheets


▪ Starting MS Excel

▪  The MS Excel Screen

▪  Understanding The Workbook

▪ Moving The Cell Pointer

▪ Moving About The Workbook

▪ Using Go To

▪  Basic Menus And Toolbars

▪  Using Menus And Toolbars

▪  Exiting MS Excel

A Simple Workbook:

▪  Creating A New Workbook

▪  Entering Data In A Workbook

▪  Saving A New Workbook

▪  Opening A New Workbook

▪  Saving Your Work

▪  Essential Formatting


Formatting / Using Formula:

▪  Resizing Columns And Rows

▪  Font Colour And Size, Borders & Shading

▪  Cell Alignment

▪  Introduction To Formulas

▪  Create Simple Formulas (Add, Subtract & Multiply)

Basic Printing:

▪  Print Preview

▪ Simple Printing

▪  Page Orientation


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